Field trial success for Irish Water Spaniel

The 11th Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club Novice Retriever Field Trial, held at the Olde Hemploe Shoot, Elkington, Northants, by kind permission of Mr R Cunnington, on 26 October 2019.


1st place:      Riverview Farm Finalist (Lab)                   Handler Kevin Haynes

2nd place:     Drumgoose Ice Man (Lab)                      Handler Phillip Goulden

3rd place:     Ragweeds Express (Lab)                         Handler Kevin Haynes

C.O.M:          Greensocks Good Thing Going  (IWS)           Handler Dagmar Lukas
Guns Choice - Drumgoose Ice Man

Dagmar Lukas came over from Germany with her Irish Water Spaniel Splieny to compete in the trial and came away with a certificate of merit, the first time an IWS has received a UK field trial award in over 20 years. So congratulations to Dagmar and also congratulations to Kevin Haynes for handling two labs to first and third and to Phillip Goulden for his second place.