The club is occasionally contacted regarding the need of a dog to be rehomed. The reasons for this can be many but usually fall into the category of the owner being unwell, change of circumstances or occasionally behavioural problems. Whatever the circumstances the advice is usually to contact the breeder of the dog in the first instance as the breeder should always be prepared to take a dog back. Any responsible breeder will take the dog back and then make arrangements for rehoming. Should a breeder require help with rehoming a dog, whether a puppy or an older dog, the SIWSC will assist club members in this endeavour. However the club will not get involved should the owner of the dog require payment. The expectation would be that the breeder takes the puppy/dog back in the first instances (even if payment is necessary as the welfare of a puppy/dog should always be a first consideration) and then the club will assist in the rehoming. Assisting in the rehoming could include making an assessment of the puppy/dog to be rehomed in its current living environment to establish what the requirements might be. This could involve 1 or 2 club committee members (to be decided by the club depending on location of the puppy/dog to be rehomed) visiting the puppy/dog to see what the current difficulties/arrangements are. It could be that help and advice is given to the current owner on how to deal with issues like training. If the puppy/dog is in a stressful family situation some simple steps may help to reduce these. Rescue and Welfare The welfare of all IWS is paramount to the SIWSC. Should the club become aware of a situation where an IWS requires rescue the SIWSC will assist and if necessary work with other animal organisations to achieve a quick and safe solution to the situation. THE SPORTING IRISH WATER SPANIEL CLUB Registered with the Kennel Club (2056) PATRON: THE LORD DUNLEATH. 2 SIWSC Rehome Rescue Welfare v1 04/11/2019 If the situation is such that the puppy/dog does require removal from its current environment, calls for a foster home will go out to the membership. Work at the same time starts to find a new permanent home for the puppy/dog. Where the club assists with the rehoming it will always wish to know of the outcome of this exercise and monitor the progress of the puppy/dog in the new home. Anybody requiring help with rescue/rehoming should make contact with the club secretary in the first instance. 

Please download the re-homing and welfare document

SIWSC Recue Rehome Welfare 04 11 2019 (pdf)